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Distributed Audio Video System in your Houston home or office?

How about a sleek look, seamless integration, and a professional quality audio system emanating throughout your home? Whether you need an audio and intercom system for your office space, or for your residence, Capitol Audio Video has the experience, and unique vision to create the professional look and feel that matches your goals. We are your go to Home Audio specialists in the Greater Houston area, matching you with the audio technology that matches your sophisticated style with clean and small in-wall electronic devices that appeal to all senses. You can have your cake and eat it too. The benefits of a whole house audio system are many.

Audio Distribution systems

Control Whole Home Audio in any room from your iPad or iPhone. Presto!

What makes our Houston Whole House Audio Video Designs unique?

Whole Home Audio systems are significant because they allow an entire family the privacy of entertaining guests in their own personal space, or altogether. We only use the best proven new technologies to outfit your home with it’s own custom system. With electronics, its very important to use quality equipment that just flat out works, or you could be in for trouble.

With your new completely customized system, you could be able to choose from a seemingly unlimited number of audio sources independent from room to room, like Itunes, XM radio, Pandora, AM/FM, CD, Spotify, and more. Each room independently can choose what source of music or media is preferred, and adjust volume, all from a wireless remote, smart device, or sleek and small in wall unit. You’ll realize the total value when you have multiple different family members using the system in their own favorite way, in different rooms, all at the same time.

sleek home audio system control options

We typically outfit each room that contains audio options with a pair of in-ceiling speakers. This allows quality sound in a room. We always recommend high quality speakers that actually provide true value at the specified price point. We make sure and find out your goals for each space, in order to make a correct professional recommendation for that specific room.

You won’t need a $750 pair of speakers if you don’t have plans to use a specific room very often, or if your music listening isn’t very acute. The truth is, very high end speakers are not always matched to a very high value residence due to the homeowner not having those goals.


Whole Home Video Technologies

Video distribution is a popular addition to large high end, and custom homes with the need for multiple video sources, and we can use multiple devices to help achieve your video distribution goals. Distributed Video involves a custom approach, and can consolidate ugly cable boxes, utilize network wiring to pass HD signal in a more effective and affordable manner than previously able. VD is also popular in game rooms, man caves, or surround sound applications where the end user wants to hang multiple TV’s in a room to watch a few different sports games at the same time in one room.


Home A/V System Distribution (Design & Installation):

  • IR (Infrared Repeater) Systems, Transmitter & Receiver
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Systems, Transmitter & Receiver
  • Smart/Easy Control from your Iphone, Ipad, or Smart Home Remote
  • Matrix Switches
  • Wireless Home Audio Options
  • Streaming your favorite content via wireless network with an Apple TV
  • Home Audio Pre Wiring Design, and Planning for Custom In-Ceiling and In-Wall Invisible Speakers
  • Balun for VGA, Component, Cat5, HDMI, etc. to extend HD signal throughout the home
  • Audio Video Amplifiers, Converters, Speaker Selectors and more
  • Cat5, Cat6 signal transmission – Switchers, Connectors, Wall Plates, etc.


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