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Houston Outdoor Audio Video & Home Entertainment Systems

Houston homes have a great need for outdoor patio audio video systems. Southeast Texas in general is a nice place to hang out in the great outdoors (backyards) about 2/3 of the year, and if you have a way to stay cool, and avoid mosquitos, the entire year can fare well too as long as you can handle the humidity.

With that being said, we are seeing growth in outdoor audio video system requests, and understandably so. Wireless technology allows homes that are not built for outdoor systems to be an affordable option, and additionally, many homes are now pre-wired for outdoor home entertainment systems that include high powered audio speakers, Smart Remote Controls, TV locations, Home Automation Systems, and even outdoor video projectors and screens in Houston, TX.

Many of our Houston area clients really like an arrangement of outdoor speakers in ground around their pool, a couple of speakers on the patio, and some like the sub-woofer in ground, plant speakers, and rock speakers. We have a great array of high quality outdoor audio made by Sonance, that fills your luxury residences backyard with HiFi Audio, its amazing. We have even gone as far as installing outdoor projectors and screens in some of our clients’ huge patio spaces.

If you have an outdoor kitchen or swimming pool, you must have a way to entertain your guests in your backyard, and audio/video and home automation technology is pretty adaptive to whatever you or we can conjure. Lets get creative! How about an Outdoor Media Room / Surround Sound System? Have you ever thought of that being a possibility? It can be if you have proper overhead coverage. We’ve recently created a surround sound setup for an entire backyard that has worked out very nicely, and we are now replicating this idea with slight adjustments over and over again.

Give us a call at 281-606-9247 to discuss your outdoor audio visual system needs and/or curiousity! We can work with you to design the custom a/v, lighting, and entertainment system that will WOW your family and guests.

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